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Statement of 81 Civil, Human Rights, and Faith Based Groups

      Serious Concerns Regarding Harm to American Muslim Civil Society from Terrorism

Media reports suggest that the Trump administration is considering designating the Muslim
Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. The undersigned coalition of organizations is deeply
concerned that such a designation could lead to the stigmatization and targeting of American
Muslim civil society, including non-profits, charities, religious organizations, and activists.

For several years, fringe anti-Muslim voices have called for the designation of the Brotherhood
as a terrorist group, and framed American Muslim civil society and leaders as suspect or
criminal through guilt by spurious association. We note that numerous scholars and national
security and foreign policy experts from across the political spectrum have voiced concern
regarding the validity of such a designation. We are particularly concerned about the effects of
such a designation on American Muslim civil society, including non-citizens, refugees, and
asylum seekers. Even without a formal designation, some have used false “six degrees of
separation” accusations about the Muslim Brotherhood as a way to smear prominent Muslims,
American Muslim civic and religious institutions, as well as a range of other people. Accusations
from government officials can have the power to destroy reputations and chill lawful activity,
including freedom of worship, association, expression, and charitable giving.

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NJ Interfaith Coalition Condemns Threats to JCCs and Vandalism of a Jewish Cemetery

February 21, 2017

The New Jersey Interfaith Coalition comprised of 150 organizations from throughout the State strongly condemns the bomb threats yesterday that targeted Jewish Community Centers in Birmingham, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Paul, Tampa, Albuquerque, Houston, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Buffalo. We also condemn the hateful vandalism of a Jewish cemetery in Missouri.

The New Jersey Interfaith community is united with others nationwide to express our outrage at the unprecedented spike in hateful rhetoric and bias-motivated incidents targeting minorities, especially American Jews and Muslims. We stand in solidarity with the Jewish community because any hate crime targeting any faith is a hate crime against all of us.

We call upon all elected officials and community leaders to speak out against the rising tide of anti-Semitism as well as that of Islamophobia. 

We stand in full support of the following statement of the Minnesota Rabbinical Association and we stand in partnership with them.

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