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Ever wonder if you’re on a watchlist?


hamid imam


 He has watched his people suffer at the hands of the Syrian government for years. But across the globe, away from the war, here on US soil--"the land of the free,” he encounters another type of injustice first hand.  As a frequent flyer and someone who loves to travel, he began noticing the symbol “SSSS” (Secondary Security Screening Selection) on his boarding pass four years ago.  He is on the government watch list, amongst thousands of others with Muslim sounding names, many of whom are not even aware.  Having gone through humiliating pat-downs at the airport, being denied rental applications, and being denied the ability to send money to his mother abroad, CAIR-NJ got involved. This brother is now part of a national lawsuit that CAIR has filed against the government.

We’ve heard his story, we hear your concerns.  We stand for justice. It takes our entire community to make a difference and propel our work forward.  Your support during this holy month will help keep us moving forward—renewed, focused, and dedicated to seeking justice and defending the civil rights of the American Muslim community.


CAIR New Jersey needs your support.  

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·         New Jersey Gubernatorial and State Legislature Primary Elections: June 6, 2017

·         Last day to register for the New Jersey Gubernatorial and State Legislature Primary Elections: May 16, 2017

·         New Jersey Gubernatorial and State Legislature Elections:  November 7, 2017


REMEMBER - Elections have consequences! 


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