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Why should you go out and vote?

Sr. Kaity's Blog


Voting is accessible, but people are still on the verge of voting or not. Voting is extremely important. Your vote is your voice. It's not only about choosing from the lesser of two evils, but it also could show that American Muslims do play a role in Politics. They are here to be a part of making history in the United States.

When most of us weren't even born yet, activists such as, Susan B. Anthony were fighting to grant women the right to vote. Voting is a privilege that we must not take for granted. The belief that a candidate is chosen from day one and your voice does not count is false. If your voice did not count, President Barack Obama would not have made history by becoming the first African American to become President.  If your voice did not matter, we would not have affordable health care. If your vote did not matter, there would not be Social Security. If your vote did not matter, there would not be worker’s compensation.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or an Independent voter, I am not going to try to persuade you to vote for anyone in particular, however, I will say this: A vote for a third party candidate is not a vote for Hillary or Trump. Some activists are claiming that your vote for a third party candidate will go to waste because America always had two major parties. If we continued to believe that change will not occur; nothing will happen. This election might be a turning point for a third party to emerge out into the spot light.

Anything is possible, it just requires hard work, and believing in change. Let us value the efforts leaders before us have made by going out on November 8th, and voting.

Sr. Kaity Assaf is a Freshman at Rutgers University, The Founder of Eid in Clifton Nj, and an Intern at CAIR-NJ

Has racism evolved into a more subtle form of prejudice?

Sr. Kaity's Blog


A Union County landlord, William Greda refused to rent an apartment to a woman because she was Muslim.  Anti-Muslim bias has spread quite widely especially since Donald Trump decided to run for President. His remarks about Muslims have lead non-Muslims to fear anyone who might appear to be Muslim. While the main reason for the denial remains unknown, It is hurtful, and discriminate to reject the request of an individual based on their faith, or nationality.  America is a diverse country. When a landlord decides to put a " for rent sign" up, they are expected to see people from all nationalities appear on their door step.

 As Atticus Finch from to Kill a Mockinbird once said, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view until you climb into his skin, and walk around in it."  If the scenario was the other way around, and the man asked from the Muslim woman if he could rent the apartment, and she said, "I do not rent to white people"; you would see all 1.6 billion Muslims blamed for this bigoted act. 

 Ever since the 1400s, people in this country have faced the most severe forms of discrimination. Are we now continuing this tradition by choosing another narrative? Nowadays, there is discrimination against Muslims. Some see it as Islam vs. the West. This view only divides us at a time when we should be looking for points of view that bring us together.

 CAIR NJ welcome the charges brought against the landlord by the Attorney General’s office and we certainly appreciate the efforts by the Division on Civil Rights to investigate the alleged violations.  This kind of blatant bigotry cannot be tolerated.  Anyone in this country should be able to live freely and without discrimination in the housing of their choice.  The blatant disregard for the well-established fair housing laws demonstrated in this case is just further evidence of the increasingly poisonous atmosphere that Muslims face in America today.

Sr. Kaity Assaf is a Freshman at Rutgers University and an Intern at CAIR-NJ

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