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Shocked by Parris Island Hazing Scandal, Muslim Vets Still Stand by Marines


Growing up in a secular Muslim family in Washington, D.C., Rajai Hakki struggled to figure himself out. Then the September 11th attacks gave him clarity.

He considered himself fully American, but after the terror attacks Hakki felt that his name and Syrian ancestry raised doubts about his allegiances.

And so Hakki quit college and enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. "I wanted to prove something — that Arab Americans and Americans from Muslim backgrounds are not terrorists or killers or some sort of psychos," Hakki said.


Shocked by Parris Island Hazing Scandal, Muslim Vets Still Stand by Marines

Peace on Earth?

Azra Baig's Blog


Considered by many to be the holiest day in the Christian calendar, on this past Christmas Day my time of peace was disturbed by Anti-Muslim Harassment while I was on vacation at the Wailea Marriott Beach Resort in Maui. What does the future there no escape from hatred, racism and bigotry?

On December 25, 2016 while vacationing in Muai, I was targeted with harassment from a Caucasian woman, who looked to be in her 70s. The two of us were alone in the lobby of the resort as we both approached the elevators. I pressed the elevator button and the woman asked me "Are you Muslim?" I looked at her and said "Yes." Then she said, "I am not getting on the elevator with you". I was taken aback and I said "That wasn't nice." Then she said to me, "You need to leave." Then I said, "What happened to love and compassion for All? What happened to love of humanity?" She started walking away from me and down the stairs while shaking her head no. As she was going down the stairs I said to her, "I am a nurse and I take care of everyone the same...No matter what race, religion, ethnicity or nationality."

I immediately went to look for an employee of the resort to alert a manager or security. By the time I alerted them and shared my incident, the woman was nowhere to be found.

There was a tourist from Dallas, Texas, who witnessed the entire incident. She said, "I am shocked that I just witnessed this...That was inappropriate.... I'm glad you said something because if you didn't say something, I was going to say something to her."  She felt bad that I was targeted with such harassment and shocked that someone actually would say those words even if that is what they felt inside.

The Wailea Resort Manager and Security took a report of the incident from myself and from the witness. The local Police Department was also notified and came and took a report of the harassment incident.

The Managers and Security at the resort apologized for this incident of harassment at the resort. They said that if I should see this woman again to alert Security and not to approach her myself.  I am very appreciative of the managers and staff's support and kindness with this situation and the wonderful treatment during our entirety of our stay at the resort.

I am extremely disappointed that this woman had the audacity to behave in this manner especially on Christmas Day. A day of much love and happiness for so many. I was here in Maui to enjoy a wonderful vacation with my family, to get away from the chaos of everyday life and from the negativity I had already been subjected to, and this individual had to ruin what was supposed to be my time of peace.

#ChristmasDay2016 #Islamophobia #Maui

Ms. Azra Baig is a school nurse and a member of the South Brunswick Board of Education 

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