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Have you or anyone you know been the victim of Bias Intimidation in the State of New Jersey?


 If this happens to you call the police right away.  Then, please call CAIR New Jersey.  CAIR is dedicated to defending your rights as a citizen of New Jersey.  

 With your continued support CAIR New Jersey will be able to add a full time attorney to our staff so that we can defend your rights in these troubling times.  

 It takes our entire community to make a difference and propel our work forward. Your support will help keep us moving forward-renewed, focused, and dedicated to seeking justice and defending the civil rights of the American Muslim community. CAIR-NJ needs your support inn order to continue to achieve this mission that we all believe in.

 CAIR New Jersey operates through generous donations from the community. Please give generously in the final weeks of this calendar year.

 Jazaka'Allah (God Bless)


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