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Muslim group fears more Islamophobia after San Bernardino shooting

nadia in group shot The country’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization on Thursday condemned the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, while at the same time urging Americans to not jump to conclusions that the attack was the result of radical Islamic terrorism.

Nadia Kahf, the chairwoman of CAIR-NJ, skewered what she called unfair coverage of the suspected shooters’ religion, including the New York Post’s cover with the headline “MUSLIM KILLERS.” Only when suspected mass shooters are Muslim, she suggested, is religion such a core part of the story. “You cannot paint all Muslims with the same brush,” said Kahf. 

Separately, CAIR and local leaders zeroed in on Trump, arguing he should be held at least partially responsible for an increase in Islamophobia (which Awad said included incidents of vandalism and bomb threats across the country) following last month’s terror attack in Paris, which the terrorist group known as

ISIS has claimed responsibility for.


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